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Sinking Sultan-Grade Kedah Soilwood

Sinking Sultan-Grade Kedah Soilwood

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In the wilderness of Kedah, nearly thirty years ago, a hunter buried a tree several feet underground. The placement was near a forested river, and the ground is very moist in this location.

Recently, the tree was rediscovered. When extracted, there remained virtually no white wood left around the infections. The aroma is simply resplendent, and true to ancient Kedah terroir. Cedary, piney, gooey and amberous, with a blast of frankincense. A clear, purple aroma.

The quality is so high, and the resin so dense, some people have called it "Kynam-grade". I refrain from making my own judgment, and leave it to the experts.

There is one other vendor who sells wood from this tree, located in Singapore. He sells chips from the same material that our beads are made from. These were from higher up the tree's trunk, and were buried two feet below ground.

The pieces being presented today represent the highest grade wood discovered at the site. They were located deeper within the trunk, and closer to the base. They were buried six feet below ground. This is the most aromatic, resin dense material discovered at this location.

Smaller piece: 42.9 grams
Larger piece: Inquire.