About Us

Maunamoku was a legendary Arapahoe leader who lived in the area presently designated as Fort Collins, Colorado. While famine struck the land, he ushered his people into the Valley of Contentment, which was overlorded by a fierce stone giant. Chief Maunamoky smote this giant, who lay petrified to this day, and is known as Horsetooth Rock.

Tea leads us to our own internal Valley of Contentment. It is the embodiment of life; created by a coalition of small family processors, nature, and tradition. These are the principles we adhere to as a company, and our goal is to source the finest tea in the world, grown biodynamically with nature, harvested and processed by family producers, using the ancient, tradtional methods, by hand, never with chemicals.

Our tea is sourced directly from small family farms in China, Taiwan, and Vietnam, and stored in Fort Collins, Colorado, at an elevation of 1,550 meters. We are passionate about ecological preservation, and only carry tea that was grown biodynamically, without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.