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Yashi Xiang, "Duck Shit"

Yashi Xiang, "Duck Shit"

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Yashi Xiang is one of the most well known and sought after Dancong oolongs, grown on the original Phoenix Mountain, in the Dong Jiao village. The name of this tea literally translates to "Duck Shit Fragrance". The mother plants of this cultivar are still living, at about 80 years old, in Xiaping Kengtou Village, Fengxi District,  Chaozhou, and are the property of Wei Chunshi.

The story goes that the cultivar was getting quite a bit of attention when first produced. In order to protect their strain, the growers told everyone that the key to the flavor was the duck manure they fertilized their plants with, hoping this would keep people at bay.

Roasted twice with natural lychee wood charcoal, this tea is exceptionally flavorful. Combining high fruit notes with a malty base, this is one of the most popular Dancong oolongs; the flavor is malty, caramel, and balsam, amidst an orchard of pears and plums.

2021 harvest. 75 grams, tin canister.