Miroslava Randová, Pu'er Jar
Miroslava Randová, Pu'er Jar
Miroslava Randová, Pu'er Jar
Miroslava Randová, Pu'er Jar
Miroslava Randová, Pu'er Jar

Miroslava Randová, Pu'er Jar

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These jars, made by Miroslava Randová, are the ideal method of storing pu'er cakes. The porous clay creates a breathable, controlled micro climate that facilitates the aging process. Wood fired, with a charcoal reduction formed at 1350°C, the patterns are made by the flame and are totally unique.

Interior height: 29 centimeters
Interior diameter: 20.4 centimeters
Exterior height: 37.2 centimeters

Miroslava Randová is a potter from the Czech Republic. Her first encounter with ceramic was at the College of Lake County in 1998, where she studied photography. The most significant influence on her future with ceramic had Terra Incognito Studio in Oak Park, where she learned how to run studio and was introduced to wood-firing. In 2004 she returned to her home town in the Czech Republic and established a studio, build a wood kiln, and have been potter since. 

She focuses primarily on teaware pottery and cooperation with chefs to produce custom handmade service ware. 

Miroslava works with stoneware and porcelain. She uses different firing techniques for each esthetic effect.  For porcelain, she uses traditional oriental glazes made from her local materials and fires for ash deposit in the wood kiln. For iron stoneware, she introduces charcoal to the wood kiln at the top temperature of the wood firing to achieve reddish, brown, and gray colors with a reduction fuming effect. Her work from white stoneware and porcelain with crystal glazes is fired according to a precise schedule in the oxidation atmosphere of an electric kiln.  

She has taken part in exhibitions and festivals in the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, France, South Korea, and Taiwan.