Aizome Loopwheel Tee
Aizome Loopwheel Tee

Aizome Loopwheel Tee

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- 100% cotton
- Traditional Indigo vat-dyed
- Katazome stencil technique
- Indigo grown in Hokkaido
- Japanese fit

Traditionally dyed by hand in indigo vats, producing phenomenal shades of living blue. Featuring the Maunamoku name on the front left breast, and the Maunamoku mon on the back center. Intricate subtleties and variations in the color are only achievable by hand dying. Each tee is different, and an example of Japanese craftsmanship.

$130 each. Only Japanese size XL currently available.

Sizing Information:

Total Height: 76cm
Torso Width: 54cm

Care Instructions:

It is recommended to hand-wash with cold water using mild, organic detergent. A front-load machine on the gentle setting may also work. Line dry. 

The color will evolve with washing. Natural indigo dyed clothing may bleed color both while washing and while wearing, and crock onto surfaces. Special caution is to be observed when wearing indigo on leather furniture. Most bleeding or crocking will desist after being washed several times. 

Returns are not accepted for clothing.