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Subitism Incense Burner
Subitism Incense Burner
Subitism Incense Burner

Subitism Incense Burner

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*Please note: the last remaining unit is discounted -$30. The clasp on the front of the unit is spaced slightly too far apart, and while it still closes properly, there is a small amount of strain on the clasp's hinge. It is possible that the clasp will need to be removed or replaced after frequent use. While small discrepancies like this are common with artisanal products, we want to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their purchase. 

The Subitism incense burner represents an evolution of incense burning. Each unit is meticulously handcrafted in France by the artisan perfumer Abdenbi Et-tellah. With this device, the classic kodo session can be maintained for hours at a time, or the heat can be increased for a rapid session, simulating charcoal.

To use, simply plug the unit into the included power adapter. The heat is controlled by the dial on the adapter. Place an included mica plate on top of the heating element. Place wood on top of the mica plate. Placing directly on the heating element without the mica plate may damage the unit.

The optimal settings for each piece of incense is unique, and dependent on the density and thickness of the incense. A power setting of 9-10 is generally considered low-heat, and will release light and ethereal aromas. A power setting 11-12 is generally considered medium-heat, and the aroma becomes more robust. A power setting of 13-14+ is generally considered high-heat, and the aroma will be very rich and toasty. Higher heat settings may combust the incense. 

This device is capable of producing high temperatures, and is intended for adults only. Never leave the unit on unattended. Users are responsible for all risks associated with this device.



Power Adapter

Ceramic Tweezers

50 Mica Sheets